Mandating recycling

In Connecticut, we dispose of about 96,500 tons of textiles every year to our waste-to energy facilities.We have a significant opportunity to save our communities disposal tipping fees, increase economic value, and reduce environmental impact by recovering more textiles!With so many options for recovering and reusing recycled materials, and with landfill space steadily shrinking, the State of Vermont has determined that the best tool for keeping as much as possible out of the waste stream is a materials management system, where valuable resources that we are currently burying in landfills are instead collected and marketed as commodities.To achieve this, the current system needed to be upgraded. Much of what could be recycled or composted is still ending up in the landfill.

San Francisco is a progressive city when it comes to mandating recycling and composting initiatives.In October 2014, California passed Assembly Bill 1826 (AB 1826), mandating all businesses and commercial establishments, including multi-family units, to arrange for organics recycling and hauling.Organic waste is defined as food waste, green waste, landscaping and pruning waste, non-hazardous wood waste, and food soiled paper waste that is mixed with food waste.The first thing the Legislature did was jettison the concept of waste itself.Our “waste” stream is composed largely of recoverable resources.

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In July of 2007, Governor Rell signed into law An Act Concerning The Collection And Recycling Of Covered Electronic Devices.

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