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When he reached the bride’s house, songstresses would receive him.A party called “Jalwa” was, sometimes, held for the bride in the house of her family.Under lantern light, the band would sing all the way from the fiancé's house to the fiancée's house.If the fiancée's father accepted the gift, this meant that he blessed the marriage. On the wedding night, the groom would walk from his house to his wife’s accompanied by his father, uncles, relatives and neighbors.

Wedding party is, usually, given in large public halls or in hotels.Families, neighbors and friends maintain close relationships, and everyone is ready to share and celebrate special occasions with others. Among these occasions are: "Al-Mawled Al-Nabawy" marks one of the important religious holidays, which is the celebration of the Prophet Muhammad's birthday.During the day, spiritual atmosphere spreads and people sing chants of praise and read the Holly Qur'an. The Lesser Bairam, which comes after Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, and the Greater Bairam, which comes on the tenth day of Dhul-Hejja, are important religious holidays.The first week for the newlyweds would be spent at the girl’s house.After this week, the couple would move to the house of the groom’s family in a procession with family and neighbors.

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