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By tradition, such celebrations included numerous contests and trials of strength, and so the stranger challenged Vulkan, declaring that the winner of their contest would kneel before the other and declare his eternal fealty.

The resulting challenge saw the stranger and the Primarch perform such deeds that no mortal could replicate, culminating in a hunt to slay the largest salamander and return to the settlement with its body.

Within a few short standard years Vulkan had developed into a hulk of a man, his mind as powerful as his body.

When the Emperor came to Nocturne to be reunited with His lost son, He chose not to do so with great ceremony as He had in several other cases, and He did not announce His identity, hiding behind an obscuring psychic glamour.

Instead, He came as a stranger during the festival to celebrate Vulkan's great victory.

Soon, Vulkan was teaching the master-smiths of Nocturne metalworking techniques lost to them since the darkest days of the Age of Strife.

When Vulkan defeated one of the regular and highly costly Eldar raids, he was unanimously acknowledged as their leader.

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The Salamanders and their people as a whole are also defined by their adherence to a variation of the Imperial Cult called the Promethean Cult.

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