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I have traveled a lot in my life, including to countries with strong social and moral traditions (I think of Indonesia, Thailand, the Maghreb, Greece, Turkey, Palestine, etc.) and in all those places I have seen European women acting with total and utter disrespect for the local people and traditions: going topless on beaches, climbing on top of funeral pyres to take photos of themselves in bikinis, getting drunk and having sex with local man, etc.This might sound very offensive to some, but I am sorry to inform you that European (White) women are seen like tramps/whores/sluts in most of the world. The fact that EVERY western modern movie HAS to have at the very least one sex scene just reinforces this image.All this is a toxic mix which can result in all sorts of criminal behavior.By the way, the security services in the West have known all that for years.As for the local jails, they are often more comfortable than the homes they have left behind.Last but not least, refugees are mostly miserable, lonely, alienated and depressed and they have a lot of a lot of pent up anger and frustration.What they want is a share of the pie, of what they imagine to be the wealthy lifestyle of the West.

As we were talking we were taking a stroll, with her husband and kids, though a park near the Lake of Geneva.All this tells me one thing: Europe is completely morally and intellectually bankrupt.We often hear of a so-called “European civilization” or “European values”, but this is total nonsense.There is a big difference between excusing and explaining., but I do want to contribute at least a possible and partial explanation to what happened.

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We had a great time together and during 5 wonderful days, I toured them all over Switzerland and had many hours of very interesting conversations. His wife turned out to be a very interesting woman too.

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