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Despite its down home feel, Megafriends is quite meticulous with its business practices, such as their anti-spam policy.Customer Service: Call us old-fashioned, but we never give out anywhere near five stars for sites that don't give us a phone number to call.

Mega Friends may have a slightly silly name but how does it do at getting you a date?Megafriends is a popular online dating/friendship service that has been growing strong since the year 2000.Presently, its membership base is cresting at half a million members.These same select few can get you kicked off the site with just a word. They even got my yahoo ID and are still out there harrassing me. Its common knowledge you are Starz, Dj, and A_Female. Sadly, because they waited until much too late to do anything about people like you, they resorted a few too many restrictions too keep them as active as they should be.If it weren't for these nazi types, the site would be a good site. I'm going to have to change it just to keep away from these people. But at least now, the people who did all the harrassing are gone.

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