Over the years, it developed an extensive set of features and services tailored to photographers of different levels from family photo enthusiasts to professional photographers from diverse fields (studio, wedding, and event photographers, etc.).

As a travel photographer and blogger, I adapted and integrated only selective features of Smug Mug that are important to my specific needs pertaining to travel and blogging.

I grab the link to the appropriate image size and post it to my blog.

No more manual Photoshop image resizing is required.

Smug Mug is one of the most matured and polished online solutions for photographers.This means that I do not have to do any manual file transfers and data entry on Smug Mug.It also means that every photo in my portfolio is safely backed up and available to me at full resolution at any time. For example, a client asks me to show him the collection of my best Montreal photos.This is where the Smug Mug Lightroom plugin comes in play.After I am done with all of my keywording, metadating, GPS tagging in Lightroom, the Smug Mug plugin synchronizes all images and corresponding data with my Smug Mug account.

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This service is extremely valuable for my blogging.

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