Miley dating 20 year old

That’s probably not true, and if Miley has her older boyfriend right at home with her she doesn’t have to go through the trouble of convincing her parents to let her move out.

Miley played coy when asked by Ryan Seacrest on his radio show about Justin. There’s a lot going on, everyone started judging us as soon as we started hanging out.

Talk about being in different places in their lives!

But Swift isn’t the only mega-star who has pursued a relationship with someone who was still treading through his or her teen years.

Miley’s dad Billy Ray approves of the shocking living arrangement because he thinks Miley’s beau, 20 year-old Justin Gaston, is a great match for his superstar daughter, say sources close to the family.

He looked drunk, and you would hope he was to be acting like that, but he was only seen with a glass of Mountain Dew and supposedly doesn’t drink.When a 20 year-old is involved with a 15 year-old some kind of judging can often help avoid future problems.Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy Taylor Swift enjoyed some summer lovin’ over the last few months, proceeding at full throttle into a relationship with 18-year-old Conor Kennedy. And while his world-famous country singer girlfriend performed a track off her upcoming album, Red, at the VMAs on Thursday night, Conor most likely had to catch her performance on a TV in his single-sex dorm room.Their super laid-back attitudes, their ability to strike up conversation with anyone, their love of useless trivia, their very deliberate way of doing things…the similarities are endless. Do you, like Miley and me, tend to date guys who are just like your dad?Or does your choice in men go the opposite direction? Do you share my fascination with Miley's life? I'm dying to know how much of her relationship she shares with her dad.

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I don't want to count anything out," the young star laughed.

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