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The newest are Tecfidera, Plegridy, and the most potent drug of all, Lemtrada.

Coming are newer mono-clonal antibodies, a drug to restore myelin damage, and even some treatment for the progressive forms. Read more Yes, there are many types of MRI brain scans that can be done, depending on the clinical indication.

So when is the best time to disclose your MS to a date?

You may be one of those who is pretty open about their MS status.

No one really expects to find out about a bad credit score, a learning disability, a past broken engagement, or weird food preferences on the first date.

By this time you've probably figured out that you want to continue seeing this person, and they will have discovered how great you are.Almost all of the time, these occur in patients who have already been diagnosed with ms.It is extremely unlikely for it to be the presenting symptom.Lack of emotional control, such as crying or laughing without reason, or more persistent euphoria or depression gets even more challenging.Although delusions and hallucinations may be rarely seen, usually not an issue. Read more See 1 more doctor answer We have 12 drugs approved to treat MS, and more on the way.

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To some extent, glial cells are involved in the repair of damage that occurs in MS.

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