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For nine wonderful years I had the pleasant opportunity to say to students and their families that such a thrilling day of academic triumph was more than worth the difficult days it took to get here—on everyone’s part. Some years ago, one of our children was graduating with a bachelor’s degree. It seemed that each participant felt a need to outdo the last in eloquence and in gravitas.I know firsthand what BYU does in providing an unequaled university experience, but I know equally well and even more tenderly the scrimping, saving, sacrifice, and hard work that many students and their parents have experienced in order to arrive at this moment. I was told I am to say something wise and original to you, but, being incapable of that, let me just remind you of one or two things you al President Worthen, distinguished guests, faculty, graduates, ladies, and gentlemen, I acknowledge with gratitude the privilege of receiving an honorary degree from this great university and, likewise, the opportunity of briefly addressing you today. Shane, one of my protective service officers who traveled with me, attended the dinner.To fulfill the purpose of learning and gaining experience, it was essential that, as we were born onto the earth, we passed through a veil.In so doing, we came to earth having forgotten all that had occurred before.I wonder if that is the way he always gets people from Salt Lake to Provo! I didn’t think it was that big of a deal to you.” So I would like to begin today by simply saying to all of you: This is a very big deal!Sister Holland and I come to you newly returned from one of the most remarkable experiences of our lives. And may I say thank you for including your parents.Four members of my family are out there with you in this sea of blue before me—part of this great BYU class of 2018.My nephew Michael studied neuroscience and is off to medical school in Arizona.

Nelson who was giving me advice on the route I should take.

You will have an instructor to guide you in your journey, and she will provide you with things to read, assignments that make you think, and exams that allow you to prove yourself.

You may have teaching assistants who can help you, and, of course, you have the assistance of the instructor.

These trials allow us to prove that we are progressing in our mortal journey, and they may be particularly intense periods of growth.

Just as students ramp up their efforts to study when an exam is looming, the experience of a spiritual test can heighten our own efforts to learn from the Lord.

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  1. They may have been married and started a family of their own, so when they are dealt a devastating blow that leaves them single again, whether it is the death of their spouse or a divorce, they may feel like they will never find love again. More and more senior singles are realizing that they’ve got a lot of life left to live and love to give, so they decide to go out and try the senior dating scene.