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of the mike in the second row, this really enhanced the experience.To add some Halloween factor, there was a couple jack-o-lanterns and a blow-up ghost placed on the stage.There was a good deal of confrontation with the audience, but he used distortion on the mike (cause it's spooky) so you couldn't really here all of it. The audience confrontation included the tall guy throwing a pair of panties onstage, people (including me, oops I hit his guitar) throwing .

However, it’s still the perfect opportunity to learn a bit more about the Native Americans and how we are connected to them.The end of the performance somewhat surprised me, although I could tell that that blow-up ghost and the jack-o-lanterns were asking for it. To the tune of a edgy rock and roll song, the keyboardist brought the ghost down, and Conor proceeded to slam it into the amp, the few jack-o-lanterns on the stage were smashed, and Conor opened a beer can on the floor, and stomped on it, hitting the first couple rows (including me). I was there for the music, but it was certainly interesting to highlights and 3. went yet another step ahead and added an additional security layer to its search functionality, thus allowing users to lock-in Safe Search on their accounts so that questionable material will not pop up.

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