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That frees him to roam the hospital in a tuxedo, checking in on the cases of his fellow surgeons, including his fiancée, Alex Reid (Erica Durance), and new arrival Joel Guran (Daniel Gillies), and occasionally kibitzing with other out-of-it patients, some of whom won’t be waking up.

As strange as it sounds, it’s no stranger than some of the medical dramas we’ll be seeing next season — “Mob Doctor,” anyone?

Thus far, there's been no news about which celebs will be cast, but as Julie told "it's not going to be all Oscar winners." Still, fans have already put together a list of who they'd love to see appear on the show.

On the top of the list are Tiffany "New York" Pollard, who appeared on the UK's For now though, everyone's keeping quiet about what to expect in the celebrity edition, but perhaps at tonight's finale some more information will be revealed about the celeb edition.

Although no official date has been set, the show will probably air around the same time as the 2018 Winter Olympics, which airs on NBC. " Still, she also made it clear that the scheduling hasn't been set yet, and fans will just have to hold tight for an actual premiere date.

Typically, CBS only airs reruns during this time, but the network seems to believe . While the celebrity edition will be a bit shorter than the regular season, everything will pretty much stay the same.

Among those spinning the chairs in future episodes: “American Idol” Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks, another “Jersey Shore” guy, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, and singer Joe Jonas.

Host Cat Deeley is dancing as fast as she can, but she can’t disguise the weakness that plagues both “The Choice” and its more talent-focused inspiration.

When animals attacked, aliens were autopsied and women competed like cattle at the county fair to marry strangers they’d been told were millionaires? It’s Fox’s “The Choice,” a parody of NBC’s singing competition “The Voice,” that spins those swivel chairs to find not singers, but dates for C-list guys — sorry, “eligible celebrity bachelors” — whose first decisions are made sight unseen."I know Jimmy Fallon is a big fan of the show," she said. What would the world do if the best late night talk show hosts all disappeared to live in the house? After returning player Paul successfully dominated this whole game, it's unsurprising that he's made it to the final three."If he does do it, I bet we could get [Stephen] Colbert, [James] Corden, and [Jimmy] Kimmel. It would be a strange time, although watching them participate in absurd competitions and evict each other from the house would be entertaining. Along with him are good friends, Christmas and Josh.However, one of them will have to go to jury while the other two remain, and it'd be shocking if Paul didn't make it to Final Two.So who's heading to jury and who will ultimately win the game?

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