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Then, for the next four years, the Angels shared Dodger Stadium with the city’s National League team.

Alterations of this network—that includes numerous molecules and cells—may be the basis of pathological processes.” Vagus means "wandering" in Latin.

During this interview, Scheiman speculated about the role that microbiome might play in the convergence of athletic mindset and mental toughness through the lens of sports genomics and the gut-brain axis.

Scheiman said: “Certainly, if you look at gut-brain axis and the notion of mental toughness applications among professional athletes and elite athletes.

Their paper, “'I Am I and My Bacterial Circumstances': Linking Gut Microbiome, Neurodevelopment, and Depression,” was published online ahead of print August 22 in the journal .”) The authors of this review are optimistic that gaining a better understanding of gut microbiota and the microbiome-gut-brain axis will help psychiatrists and psychotherapists create radical new ways to treat mental health issues more effectively in the near future.

The microbiome-gut-brain (MGB) axis is a bidirectional feedback loop facilitated in part by the vagus nerve which sends communication "down" from brain-to-gut and "up" from gut-to-brain using efferent and afferent nerve fibers.

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