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In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, as I mentioned above, they had taken the lead in bringing various Muslim charities around the nation together to coordinate relief in the community.

And now an even larger effort was needed where the heart and soul of its core constituency felt a strongest bonds.

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Photojournalist Dilip Banerjee has not had an easy life.

Ambassador to Iraq Says Everything is on Track for a U. Troop Reduction in Iraq by the End of August; Meanwhile, the U. Richard Merkin, CEO, Heritage Provider Network, Joins the Cleveland Cavaliers in Honoring Two Generations of Co-Captains From Olympic Gold Medal Basketball Teams, Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Le Bron James and Carmelo Ant PM UTCFour-Star Gen.

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The devastating earthquake that struck Pakistan and parts of Indian Kashmir is such a disaster. We at Siliconeer thought we would ask a Pakistani Silicon Valley resident to talk about what it all looks like from his vantage point.

In addition to rushing relief in the immediate aftermath, it has offered million in aid and is considering opening three aid centers on the Line of Control to allow Pakistani quake victims to seek medical care or meet their relatives on the other side of the border.

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It was Friday night here in California and, as a lot of us are wont to do, before I turned in to sleep, I happened to glance at Yahoo! For about six months, I have been working on a project called Wiki Pakistan (, a “Pakistan Information Database” hosted on Wiki Cities, a system run by the same foundation that runs the Wiki Pedia.

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