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The survival of this herd is a North American conservation success story. It lasts about half an hour, but you could skip to about minute to see the part of interest to this story.

The herd had dwindled to only a few dozen animals by the early 1960s, but it rose to a high of six to seven thousand animals in the early 1990s (when I was there). How many of us can pass a Dandy or Beano left lying about somewhere without picking it up and flicking through it to see if it retained any of the characters that we remember from our childhood.

At the height of their popularity during the forties and fifties it is believed that their weekly circulation peaked at an astounding two million copies.

In their early years both the Dandy and the Beano were innovative in that they replaced having text along the bottom of each picture with speech bubbles that were an integral part of the illustrations.

During this time communities around the Peninsula grew from small seasonal stations to year round settlements.

Beginning in the early 1800's, large numbers of Irish began settling year round and caused the regions demographics to be changed forever.

Since we're spread all over the world now, it's not so easy to get together this is an attempt to create a poor substitute by publishing some of the stories we might tell. New contributions are always at the top you should begin reading from the bottom of the page since a few of the more recent tales refer to earlier ones. A reminder that when your cursor changes to a hand over words or photographs it's inviting you to click for further information.

A rolling plateau, the area is dotted with boulders that were left behind by melting glaciers more than 10,000 years ago.

You can also fill in your profile to apear on the list and wait for other person's call.

One of life's pleasures is getting together with old school friends over a meal to reminisce about the old days, and to catch up on our lives-after-school.

Aircraft must fly above 300 m, except during take-off and landing. Contact your local office of the Department of Natural Resources to determine if open fires are permitted.

Completely extinguish fires before leaving So getting back to my rather cool reception in that little grocery store on the tip of the peninsula, I think they looked at me dressed as if I had just nipped out to get a pint of milk, and expecting to see hundreds of caribou grazing by the roadside they simply wrote me off as an idiot 'come from away' and not worthy of their attention Having said this, though unlikely, it wasnt altogether out of the bounds of possibility that I might have gotten lucky I never did see another caribou, but I recently came across a video, a 1980 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation documentary film telling the story of Mike Nolan, a fur trapper turned wildlife officer, who played a huge part in saving the Avalon caribou.

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