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This helps you sleep and your levels are down during the day. Most of my colleagues big complaint about working nights is not enough sleep.Sleep is important for health and shift workers are the most sleep deprived group there is. Nights should always be paid a premium, as should evening work. With this 24 working hours going for a lot of jobs, we need to be compensated for taking time away form our families, etc. Maybe things should be worked pover a bit to make it much easier for employers to actually do their business during normal business hours and evening work paid at 1 and a half the day rate and nights double. A lot of part timers and students could get a better rate of pay in this way and thos ewho really want the money can make arrangements to work the premium hours.You must keep the same hours all week or else it will completly screw you up. I worked 12 hour nights over the weekend and I'm still up and yet I switch to 12 hour days on Thursday.

Trying to get into a more "normal" getting up in the mornig, going to work, spending time with the family in the evenings, or even just watching prime time TV. As far as I'm concerned, nights should be left for the head managers. Right now, I am not working, so, I try to get to bed at a decent hour, and get up to enjoy the day, but the pain keeps me awake most of the night anyways.Almost impossible, simply because I can't sleep at night now, until very late. Then, I adjusted a bit,,,things got a bit better and more stuck back on nights again. Let them spend their time away form family and friends! Working nights can weak havoc on your Circadian sleep cycles, which can screw up your hormne balance.If you have to, do whatever you can to stimulate night conditions when you sleep during the day, it will help alot. But as it turns out, I googled "night shift dating" to get your forum post.) view of the world is essential to being a well developed human being, both to keep one's mind open to new and unexpected good things the world offers, as well to appreciate the small but vital pleasures we have right now. and I have been doing nights for over 2 years now.. or for my nights off when I can't sleep b/c anyone who works nights knows.. I have been working nights for a year and do not find it all that bad.Offset that with some healthy adult cynicism and realistic appraisals of what's mention the ability to discern what's not good for you, and I think you've got a sound recipe for good living. I think of 'grownups' as lacking the ability to see or appreciate the things I just mentioned, and I don't wanna ever get that dead inside. theres plenty of those nightsand yes there is perv's but you have to realize they are on 24hr's a day, 7 days a week.. The only thing that I do not like about working that shift is that I tend to be buggered on weekends if I stay up on fridays which i do quite often.

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I found when I meet people, most work days, and my shifts don't match most people, including my friends.

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