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As we used an image in the background and set it in the center of the webpage.Which is become easy to use by the help of html div tag. #button, #sing-up, and #body-color and we applied all CSS styles on them and now you can see the Figure 2, how much it’s looking beautiful and attractive.These variable will store data of the user, which he/she will input in the registration form in Figure 2 for the sing-up.

Figure 4: show the already registered user As we entered data to the registration form (Figure 4), according to the database which user Name and email we entered to the registration form for sing-up it’s already present in the database.

If it is pressed then it will call the Sing Up function and this function will use a query of SELECT to fetch the data and compare them with user Name and email which is currently entered from the user.

If the user Name and email is already present in the database so it will say sorry you are already registered If the user is new as its currently user Name and email ID is not present in the database so the If statement will call the New User() where it will store the all information of the new user. Figure 3: Entering data to the registration form, to sign-up as a new user In the figure 3, user is entering data to sign up if the user is an old user of this webpage according to the database records.

So we should try a new user Name and email address to sign-up with a new ID and Password.

Figure 5: show the completion of new registration In figure 5, it is confirming us that which user Name and email id user has entered. So now a new ID and Password is created and the user is able to use his new ID and Password to get login next time.

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