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This one sounded the same but the music was as different as night from day.It was mocking, not lilting like the other, almost sinister, and mercifully brief.Naturally that was one of those days when Jill worked the morning shift at her job, meaning I had to retrace my drive to recover the keys.Other demands on my time kept me pinned down for a few hours before I could get to our apartment.My educational credentials consist of a high school diploma and two years in college before dropping out due to lack of finances.Being a tinkerer by nature, plus my two years of college, allowed me to land a fairly decent job maintaining office equipment and the like in the thriving metropolis of Minneapolis.

I couldn't help noticing the bedsheets looked as if a small army had bivouacked there last night.

Part of me went into shock, while the other part said this was going to make a great entry in my notebook of coincidences.

The rest of the day my head was in a whirl; what was going on?

While in college, I began carrying around a notebook in which I entered the type, time and situation that involved the coincidence. Jill had gotten a part time job a couple of months after we settled down in a fairly decent apartment about a half hour's drive to my job.

The half hour would become more like an hour once the cold, dead hand of winter took hold of the city.

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