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Why do you believe that in the West we do not know of Shambhala?

“Lama, upon my very table you may see the Kalachakra, the Teaching brought by the great Atticha from India.

The artist’s eye and philosopher’s spirit which are Roerich’s, are as a magnet.

Drawn by their power, there flows into Roerich’s being a stream of experiences which he is able to transmute into beauty by that spiritual alchemy which is possessed by the teachers of men.

Roerich has named this book, “Shambhala” advisedly.

Reading it, one realizes that Roerich has woven a wreath which he has offered in full reverence to the great Principle which is Shambhala, the New Era; for truly it is the salutary wind of people’s thought and faith which will aid the fires of Shambhala.

And once again, as in all the deeds of his inexhaustible creative fervor, Roerich’s “Shambhala” pronounces the evocation of the fires of new human achievement and a new human destiny. ” “But you Westerners know nothing about Shambhala—you wish to know nothing.

Probably you ask only out of curiosity; and you pronounce this sacred word in vain.” “Lama, I do not ask about Shambhala aimlessly.

And in this link, the two worlds are unified.” The Lama becomes silent.And in his works—as in his paintings— he records this panorama in successive sparks which flow into a continuous pageantry.But in addition, Roerich perceives also that subtler manifestation of the countries and peoples through which he journeys.Everywhere, people know of this great symbol under different names.Our scientists seek each spark concerning this remarkable realm.

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One must remark the style of Roerich—it has the unrepeatable quality and synthesis of life.

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