Norton motorcycle englne and frame dating

A few small engines were of more advanced spec, and the two most likely candidates (in Europe at least) had deep motorcycle connections built into their DNA.

The Hillman ‘Imp’ had a powerful watercooled engine, designed by the unsung Norton hero Leo Kusmicki, the man who touched the ‘Manx’ with his magic wand and kept it competitive for 10 years after its ‘sell-by’ date.

This might just be the incentive I need to crack on and complete the article!

Who needed the money of Count Agusta when a wrecked Hillman provided a readymade power unit?

Another likely donor came from venerable motorcycle manufacturer NSU.

The MV was prohibitively expensive, and wasn’t what riders wanted, which was a roadster version of their all-conquering World Championship racing bikes.

Four-cylinder bikes had been around since the first FN Four of 1905, but after WW2, only Nimbus offered a four pot bike, and it was a strictly utilitarian holdover from the 1930s, with exposed rocker gear and a strip-steel frame.

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In pursuit of information concerning the fitment of a fastback tail section on late model frames with wide loops. Normal 6 3/4" (will accept fastback tailsection), Wide 7 3/8". Dash or No Dash in frame part number located between the 06 and the 4140 (73), 5404 (74) and 5632 (75E-Start) on the front of the left front tank mount. The aluminum VIN plate is mounted more to the Left or Right side of the frame neck. The coil bracket mount hole on the tank mount are ROUND or short "slots" with a rounded front and rear ends.

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