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Two days before that grilling, we heard that a friend of a friend was taking care of a dog whose owner had to go into assisted living and the pup was now looking for a new permanent home. In walked Bizzy, an 8-year-old goddess of a pug, with a lovely disposition and just the right amount of sass. She’s now living out her golden years with us, snorting with glee when she eats turkey and purring like a cat when she gets good belly rubs.We never would have found her on Petfinder; she wasn’t even listed.I filled out a dozen applications, but we didn’t have much luck.Eventually I managed to schedule a 90-minute phone call with a volunteer at a shelter that specialized in brachycephalic (smooshy-faced) breeds.This comes at a time when an increasing number of Americans are trying to find partners online.

In August, Spark sold 16 percent of its stock to the investment firm Peak6, laid off workers and closed its Israel office.Years ago I interviewed to be a book editor at a data-centric company that made me sign a nondisclosure agreement, so I won’t tell you where (but you can guess).I was asked what kind of data I’d use to determine whether a book was worth publishing. No sentiment could be more distressing around the holiday season, when we rely on algorithms to guide us toward memorable gifts for our family and friends.I said that I’d look at the author’s previous sales figures and social media presence and what comparable titles had sold. The “if you like this, you might also like this” approach is comforting to those of us who are risk averse, like publishing executives and people like me.But even when it would have suited me to lie, I had to be honest: Picking a great book is about going with your gut. In my reading life, I know the greatest rewards come when I forget some preconceived notion of what I like and just get lost in a great story. Could I date someone with extremely different politics? I kept making trade-offs with myself about the men whose photos and short bios scrolled by, and I yearned to be flexible and nonjudgmental. As anyone who has ever used a dating app can tell you, that’s easier said than done.

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