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Lynda Chin, MD, is the chief innovation officer at the University of Texas System and director of its Institute for Health Transformation, whose mission is to leverage technology, data and analytics to improve health care.

Project DOC was able to establish digital connectivity across traditional primary care clinics, remote (e.g., at home or at retail sites) services for monitoring biometrics such as blood pressure or blood glucose so real-world patient data can be shared and integrated to make possible more frequent and more proactive management of diabetes. Through better connectivity, information technology is improving the practice of medicine as never before.

Medical and social ethics have advanced to an extent that doctors are likely to be faced with controversial issues on a regular basis.

Euthanasia, information sharing and the use of human tissues are typical examples.

MD Anderson’s Oncology Expert Advisor is an example of a technology that can put the world’s medical knowledge at doctors’ fingertips, synthesized and organized by artificial intelligent (AI) systems.

However, to realize the full effect of these newfound technological capabilities, we need to break down the silos and facilitate collaboration among medical professionals and all other stakeholders so they can work seamlessly to deliver coordinated care on behalf of the patients.

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For example, Intermountain employed a team of paid clinical experts to develop such clinical-decision-support algorithms based on scientific literature and Intermountain’s own experience in order to standardize how common medical conditions (such as pneumonia) are diagnosed and treated by its physicians.

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