Peer guardian 2 lists not updating

Notice the “Test Mode” in the bottom right of your desktop…

4 Once rebooted, you need to install PG2 but DO NOT launch it.

Type the path for which should be (C: Program Files Peer Guardian2pgfilter.sys), and press OK.

5 Now copy & paste the following code in the run box.

The only remotely confusing part of this whole process may be selecting which of the i Blocklist lists you should use.

Wait, there is no fight, not when Peer Guardian runs like a champ in Windows 7 64-Bit.

It now ( PM EST on 8/9/09) appears as though the servers are back online.

The fact remains: the Peer Guardian list servers are notoriously unreliable, and I still strongly recommend that people update their Peer Block configuration to switch over to the lists outlined in this post.

As of right now ( PM EST on 8/9/09) the servers belonging to Phoenix Labs appear to be down - or at least extremely slow to respond - and have apparently been so for most of the weekend thus far.

Since Peer Block still defaults to using the old Peer Guardian lists hosted by Phoenix Labs, this means that Peer Block may not be able to update its lists.

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You can add sites that you definitely need to the allow list to make sure that they will never be blocked by Peer Guardian.

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