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The next morning, 52 sailors were marked as having deserted, although all but 20 returned before Bellona next deployment two months later.The Bellona mutineers received punishments of up to 92 days imprisonment, with some losing rank or good conduct badges, while the deserters additionally lost all unpaid pay and allowances.

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Initial efforts by officers alleviated concerns over the pay review, but when the ship returned to New Zealand in late April, the pay disparity issue resurfaced, along with several sailors' desire to seek discharge, and concern over the treatment of the other groups of mutineers.

While on day leave on Anzac Day (25 April), about 100 of Bellona ship's company decided not to return to duty.

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During April 1947, the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) was affected by a series of peaceful mutinies amongst the enlisted sailors of four ships and two shore bases.

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