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He was right though, she had every right to deny him, but for all she knew this was just a ploy for her to let her guard down so he could kill her.

But considering the situation she was in right now, if he really wanted to he would have done it sooner.

Soon she felt more things slither around her body, wrapping around her legs and pinning her arms to her back.

Suddenly the lights turned on and she winces at the sudden brightness.

I know, it's not perfect and I messed with some things. It is indeed mature and if you take offense to anything of the sexual nature just close this fanfic because it is not for you! He continued to watch her solve every single test chamber, but the feeling wasn't there. She watched as he slowly turned into a monster, and she felt so helpless to stop any of it.

"Please love…don't struggle; I don't want you to get hurt…"She paused for a moment. "I actually wanted to talk to you about something…alone. I just…uh…this is really hard for me to talk about. And I just want to try one final thing…to fix this.This is tremendous…umm…just thought I'd let you know, and it may be obvious, but just in case it isn't, I have never done this sort of thing before.But I did observe the scientists…sort of, and to lighten the mood…I think I should do this."Suddenly, the silence was broken by slow and soft music, much akin to the classical music that he had played in one of the test chambers."Alright, all set. -Author's Note: I did this at the request of a friend. Disclaimer: I do not own any characters in Portal 2. He had done everything he could from making the tests harder, to mashing tests together, and even as far as to insult the woman and her stupid potato friend to get them to do the tests faster and more intelligently. She went through the exit door and onto the elevator, the doors closing with a hiss. She had to be prepared for anything, but she didn't feel prepared enough.I figured I'd post this just in case it WAS the end of the world tomorrow. She had to prepare for what was to come; and what she had to do.

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