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It's that people who use online dating sites — herself included — don't answer the questions honestly.And these questions are what the sites rely on to pair you with someone you might like, or even love.On sites with unrestricted messaging (such as Ok Cupid and Plenty of Fish), women get way too many messages–sometimes 50-100 per day if the profile is particularly attractive. This turns into a problem for men, as well–it’s much harder for a man’s message to get a response.Some sites deal with this by only giving you a few matches per day (such as e Harmony) or only one (such as Coffee Meets Bagel).Tired of break-ups and looking for a lifetime partner, she signed up for a handful of online dating sites.After filling in all of the questionnaire and getting a few responses, she ventured out to meet her first match. Once she arrived at the glamorous restaurant he'd picked out, he began making lewd jokes and ordering tons of food.But in order for the algorithms to match up two people, both of them have to answer the questions on which they're based honestly.This is the crux of the problem, says Webb: Smart algorithms getting skewed by not-quite-honest answers.

She also found some key differences between their profiles and her own. Now do it over again, and this time, answer honestly.It took data analyst, journalist, and relationship-seeker Amy Webb a few passes around the online dating world to realize that the one glaring problem with online dating sites like and e Harmony isn't that their questions are worded poorly or that their algorithms are bad.Worse still, just being "more honest" won't solve this problem, because all of our potential matches out there aren't being totally honest either.In order to meet her real matches, Webb realized, she had to find out what her match was looking for.

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