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I appreciated their relatively recent change of heart, but Jen and I still held a grudge for the way I was treated by them in the past.

Jen and Linda spent most of their time with the baby, and Ed seemed to be occupied with his laptop computer.

Her parents suspected that we were fucking, and her mother quickly put her on birth control pills.

Jen and I dated for the remainder of high school, and although her parents tried their best to appear cordial to me, it was pretty clear that I was not welcome in their home.

I always liked Linda, and she and Jen looked a lot alike, with their blonde hair, blue eyes, and nice D-cup breasts.

She had dated and fucked a couple of little-dicked white boys before we met, and when she saw my cock, she knew that they paled in comparison to me.

My big, thick, uncircumcised, cock is eight inches long when soft, and over eleven inches long on hard, and so thick that her hand could not completely close around it.

They told Jen that she was ruining her life by associating with me.

I don’t mean to brag, but Jen was especially attracted to my big cock and balls.

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