Quicken bank of america credit card not updating

If our OFX app does not see that the incoming request's user is setup for such, you'll get that error.

You can call the bank's support line to request enrollment or to confirm if you are/are not setup for the same, or self enroll for Quicken via https://

Based on the OFX specs, I have written a small application wherein any user can select the desired bank (suppose in this case Bank of America), give their credentials and account number and then retrieve the corresponding transactions. Intuit products can get the data using Web Connect as described in my prior post.

Direct Connect is an OFX interface but still the user must be subscribed to the service. Thanks, Sincerely, Aaron D Lewis EFTX Direct Connect App Manager Bank of America Seattle, WA Dear Aaron, I am developing a financial product and I was wondering if your OFX interface allows any way to query the details of individual checks from a deposit.

Specifically in a business account that uses the check scanning app: https:// … More specifically my goal is to reconcile those checks with invoices within my accounting system -- to help mark the correct invoice as paid.

I haven't changed anything and can still log on to the website with my same credentials. I have experienced the same issue as packpike - user/password error.

I have been using the OFX interface provided by BOA for years. Unfortunately, they did not know anything about OFX. I finally found a way to submit an email request to BOA giving very specific details.

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