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TEN MAJOR FLAWS OF EVOLUTION – REVISED by Randy Alcorn (with additional editing by Jim Darnall).

I wrote the following article many years ago, but it needed to be thoroughly revised and updated.

In honor of Darwin’s idea and the subsequent scientific triumph of evolutionary theory, I am posting my refutation of a popular creationist internet meme.

(A mousetrap is a simple example.) If any part of that system were missing, the system would cease to function.

Whether it uses mirrors or lenses, the resolving power of every telescope is limited by some fundamental constraints determined by the wavelength of the light that’s being observed and by the size of the aperture.

Because light is a wave it experiences “diffraction” which makes it “ooze around corners” and generally end up going in the wrong directions.

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The lunar landers are a little over 4 meters across (seen from above) and are about 384,403,000 meters away.

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