Relative chronometric dating methods explain filtering data and validating data

Radiometric dating, in contrast, is based on a process (radioactive decay) known not to vary significantly with changes in physical or chemical conditions.

Creationists (e.g., 97) frequently claim that “evolutionists” use the principle of uniformity to interpret scientific data, but these authors badly misrepresent the modern meaning of uniformitarianism.

Following an hypothesis he erroneously attributes to Sir Horace Lamb, Barnes claims that the magnetic field has been decaying exponentially since the creation of the Earth and calculates that the half-life of the decay is 1400 years.

He then extrapolates the decay of the field backward in time until he arrives at the value for a magnetic star, and uses that time (8000 B.

There are 68 types of such calculations listed in Table I, all of them independent of each other and all applying essentially to the entire earth, or one of its major components or to the solar system.

All give ages far too young to accommodate the Evolution Model.

C.) to arrive at an upper limit for the age of the Earth.

In another report (33) I show in detail how Barnes’ (13) calculations and conclusions are flawed by false initial assumptions and an overly simplified view of magnetic-field behavior.

Hubbert (66) reviewed the principle of uniformity and concluded that it is no longer a useful principle.I do not discuss the remaining ages listed in Table 10 either because they are not within my area of expertise or because I simply did not have time to investigate them.I think it is reasonable to assume, however, that the 70 percent or so I did investigate are representative and that the methods I do not discuss are likewise meaningless.An inspection of the reference lists provided by Morris (93, 95) and Morris and Parker (97) shows that most of the calculations were done and published by Morris and his colleagues.Those calculations that are attributed to scientific journals do not actually appear there but, instead, represent unjustified interpretations by creationists of legitimate scientific data.

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