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But what i do know is that Tokai was established in 1947 referring to their Facebook-site. It's essentially an early Mosrite copy and not made as well as the later Tokai guitars of the mid to late 1970s and early 1980s when Tokai greatly improved quality.Would you be able to provide information regarding features of Rickenbackers, other than the jackplate serial, that may be helpful in dating the instrument?

If the manufacturer got a real deal on pots in 1965 but had to buy a train load of them ,then you might have pots that lasted a few years.okay here is the real answer; I don't know if CTS pot have always been used or not,lets assume they were not ..are the pot codings to several USA componant manufacturers CTS=137 Centralab=134 clarostat=140 Stackpole=304 in a six digit code the 4th digit corresponds to the last digit of manufacture.More often than not the 6 digit coded pots were used until 1960 and after that the 7 digit system went into use. It was black with a white scratchplate and I've often wondered which era it was a copy of 50'S 60'S 70'S OR 80'S. The Humming Bird (electric/solid body) was made in the late 1960's and is somewhat rare, but not in particular demand. i dont know the model namr as it has only has love rock on the headstock ,please email me stephenfell1 @uk have you any more information please thank you I have the dame mod its a 1985 made in Japan ltd with studio EMG pick up on i dont know the model only has love rock on the headstock please email me stephenfell1 @uk have you any more information please thank you I had a TST 40 Strat which I bought in 1984 and had till 1993.

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I bet your serial plate would have been between December 1981 and February 1982.

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