Rob brown dating yaya dacosta

Rock works a dead-end job to provide money for his family, while he endures life with an alcoholic father.

Larhette’s free time is spent taking care of her siblings while her mother earns money through prostitution.

Recently, Da Costa and Brown discussed how the roles of Larhette and Rock affected them.

Similar to her character, Da Costa also grew up in Harlem, N.

“I still don’t consider myself an actor yet,” Brown said. Education, I really feel, is the key to do whatever you want.” That is the message that he has been sharing with students who attend school near his college.

“I tell them, yes, follow your dreams, but have more than one hustle.

He learned how to dance by feeling the vibrations of the music.

(What is the matter with the world's casting directors?I have two older siblings and one younger one, and we all took care of each other,” Da Costa said.She said her parents stressed the importance of education and always encouraged her to do her best. Ever showed off your fancy footwork with a tasty tango?Maybe you switched it up with your friends and did a little salsa dancing? Not to worry, even those with two left feet will find inspiration in the upcoming movie also offers some important messages for teens with aspirations larger than looking cool on the dance floor.

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Now she's an English teacher for disinterested, upper class middle school kids, and she's dying to let loose.

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