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As a married man, i discovered that if u make ur wife very happy there is great tendency that u urself will see joy and happiness .

well my dear if u dont make urself happy, i can assure u, nobody can; instead u wil c people dat wil add to ur problem. There are so many things that could actually drive a man or woman to seek solace outside. If a married man is not sexually satisfied at home, he tends to find solace outside. Have you ever thot why he rather prefers to seat and watch TV without you? You need to try as much as possible to avoid/stop quarrels. As the lady you really need to be patient and prayerful Take care.

I will advice against thatt as that carries a moral burden with it.

I have one question for you: You must have dated your husband for a while before marrying him I guess. Did you have any suspicion that you were not the only one in his life?

I never enjoyed him once because he prefers to use his free time outside the home with either single girls or married women.

I think is case is somehow spiritual (he needs serious prayers). I'm talking about a kind of relationship that existed between Jonathan and David. I dint want to develop hypertention thinking about him and his escapades.

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