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He’s clearly gone even blonder than usual, but Staxus icon, Cameron Jackson, arguably looks as sexy as ever as he cavorts in the summer countryside with long-haired buddy, Denis Dymo.Indeed, just watching these two beauties as they jostle and cavort in the long grass is a simple pleasure in itself; and there’s every good chance that you’ll be totally smitten with both of them even before they’ve finally reached their final destination, a wooden chalet at the edge of the forest.

There are loads and loads of Filipino vids to see here with all sorts of different categories where you simply can't go wrong!Indeed, the two mates are very quickly cavorting around on a bed in a mood of fervent celebration; with Stone taking full advantage of the situation by making a heady beeline for the contents of Jackson’s pants. ) a fucking modern marvel; but in fairness he’s not underendowed himself, and it’s no time at all before Jackson is returning the favour, before making a brief but clearly very welcome rim of Stone’s pert arse.No prizes for guessing where this all-time STAXUS hero wants to plonk his oversized ramrod, however; and it’s almost a matter of seconds before Jackson is hammering away at his mate’s pucker with characteristic fervour.Indeed, anyone expecting that this episode will merely serve as just another of Jackson’s on-screen conquests is in for something of a surprise.For having both taken time out to enjoy the delights of each other’s crotches, Dymo bundles his mate onto a table and promptly fits his fabulously swollen shaft deep into Jackson’s tight little pucker.

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