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During mid development,florals with dominant rose comes into the game and adds a bit romantic floral symphony with a nice touch of warm cinnamon and woodiness.

This all leads into a moderatly sweet,leathery,powdery and resinous base with dominant dry vanilla.

This is a year round fragrance with right spray adjustments.

An affordable fragrance that is so versatile, for suits and a t-shirts, rain or sunshine, morning, afternoon, & evening with excellent performance. I think I'm hooked on these one day reverse-love-hate-stands.

The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Paul Guerlain.

This is a classic; an intense citrus, rose, and leather blend.

The fragrance is fresh, herbal, slightly spicy, semisweet & smoky, in short - casual & sophisticated. Quite surprisingly the opening lasts a lot longer than what you might be used to with top notes.

As for me, Habit Rouge has the best of classical/traditional colognes - but without sharp & sour edges and facets, that´s what I really appreciate and prefer. Then a beautiful rose and sandlewood kicks in, quality ingredients here. Wow, okay will be honest this one rubbed me a little the wrong way when i first tried it but its really growing on me and has made its way into my loved fragrances.

She has a sunny disposition, she´s optimistic & light-hearted - and Habit Rouge is a perfect fit for a woman like her.Wait a little longer and the vanilla comes through. There is a huge citrus in its opening that really blasts the rose but in such a fresh way not usually a fan of this kind of rose but it smells so fresh and natural..takes me back to when i was growing up walking past one of my mother's rosebushes when they were in full bloom! Rather, I appreciate life and live it with passion.When that fades then I get a very nice woodsy vanilla scent that lasts for a good long while. I am in touch with time and its affairs, and I live with an eye toward eternal realities.It starts out where most other things end:with a huge argument, lots of heated words,things being thrown. Quality is very good, sillage and longevity are great but unfortunately its just not for me willing to trade Every positive thing that's said about this..true!I don't know why or how I've put off getting this until now. I'm glad I got the 200 ml bottle--I'll be wearing this a lot!

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