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As dialogue, negotiation and mediation are more of skills than theories, our course will also be skill-based.We will focus on the following sets of skills: Speaking-Writing-Recording-Communicating; Listening-Reflecting-Reproducing-Understanding; Facilitation; Dialogue; Negotiation; Cross-cultural negotiation Mediation.As the course requirement, you could prepare a mediation case study or develop a simulation game or write a theoretical paper on any aspect of the course besides the occasional response papers on the readings.

Our past experience has proven, that participants must be ready and willing to devote no less than six to eight hours a week in order to benefit satisfactorily from the course.Our methodology draws from more than fifty years of knowledge provided by distinguished researchers and practitioners from all over the world.Our 12-week and 6-week (Summer Sessions) online courses are addressed to government and non-government practitioners - including students - in need of high level analytical peace & conflict competence.Negotiation is a structured dialogue just as mediation is assisted negotiation.This course will deal with this important trio, Dialogue, Negotiation and Mediation (DNM).

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