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He was sentenced to eight years in prison and will be up for parole in July 2001.Two boys from two families who had migrated from the Caribbean to the Big Apple crossed paths this afternoon which resulted in the death of one of the boys.Michael attempted to give Valery a letter detailing how he would be allowed to visit the school in the future.Valery responded by taking a.38-caliber pistol out of the briefcase and shooting Michael three times, killing him.He sought out Dean Srikanta Swamy and Sam Osman, the chair of the mechanical-engineering department, but neither of the men were in.He made his way to his own office where he was scheduled to meet with Professor Michael Hogben, president of the university's faculty association.

He lived with his mother and older sister in south-central Los Angeles, 35 miles away.Damion Ennis, 15-years-old and originally from Jamaica, was on the school's football team where he played fullback on offense and nose guard on defense.Two days ago he scored the team's first touchdown of the year in a loosing effort to Curtis High School, 38-14.He did get his talk, and during that time, he laid down his gun to adjust the phone.George seized the opportunity and kicked the gun away, allowing the security guard to overpower and capture Valery.

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