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The Two Bars get bustling about 10pm and the crowd is rich and refined.

There are tons of promoters and Dallas TRIES to do the Hollywood Velvet Rope, but doesn’t pull it off except for the really exclusive clubs. Plush (1400 Main Street): One of my favorite venues in Dallas, this place stretches the gamut.

12inchpimps is probably the most consistent DJ / Promoters who usually work really good venues. Three floors: indie bar basement with cheap beer and occasional old school hip-hop performance. Only two isolation booths, but great for high-energy approaches.

Huge venue with multiple rooms, a stage, and dancing area.

The dancers stay later and people show up after they stop drinking at am.

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Expensive drinks and luxurious atmosphere (strict dress-code if you want to fit in) but the teeny bar gets packed. This area will be best to isolate in, but it’s difficult to find a quiet corner.

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