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Despite her disgust she found herself enjoying the dog’s treatment and ached to fondle her breasts.But with her hands tied to the floor she could only hope that the dog sped up his treatment.However her happiness soon turned to fear as the dog left her face and travelled down her back, coming to a stop at her backside.

The pressure against it got harder and harder until the dog shoved his tongue inside her clit, chasing a moan from Abigail’s chest.

She felt heat suddenly begin to spread around her clit and she prepared herself for what was to come.

The dog must have sensed it to for its tongue flicked in and out of her clit faster and harder.

Four walls surrounded her, each covered in small dents and cracks.

The floor beneath her had a few holes in places and was filthy. “Abigail Fletcher.”“You will be known as 25 from now on,” the man replied curtly.

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The sound of high heels clicking against the concrete filled the dark alleyway, the only light coming from a dim strobe light that was fixed to the wall of the apartment block.

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