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In the other, the person is usually presented as being an innocent victim of prejudice, whether it's related to social Darwinism, jocks vs geeks, Slobs Vs Snobs, or racism, fantastic or otherwise.If The Friend Nobody Likes is a protagonist or otherwise portrayed sympathetically, he may instead become The Woobie.This is one effective way to set up a believable Start of Darkness while keeping the character more sympathetic than he would appear if his victim was an innocent, despite the fact that it was merely a coincidence that he wasn't.this trope is not to be confused with its close cousin Pay Evil unto Evil, in which an asshole also suffers from another's cruelty as payback for their cruelty.

It happens to be a devious son of a bitch that's trying to sink its teeth into someone's leg.But with the project and shooting scenes together, we've gotten a lot closer." "Sulli is playing a character who likes me but who I don't like but over time, my character starts to open up to her more.I wasn't sure if I could do a good job because she feels like a little sister to me but now that I'm seeing her every day, I can definitely feel some romantic feelings like the character would." and despite all these claims from Minho fans believed they were dating.An SOB Kicker either doesn't know about his victim's evil, or simply doesn't care.Basically he ends up doing the right thing for all the wrong reasons, which shows the underlying unfairness of the story since it implies that it was luck that determined who gets to suffer, especially if the perpetrator who is no better gets away with it.

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