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SEE ALSO: A Prayer for Your Aging Parent Find the Whisperer Without divulging family secrets, there was one person in our family who was recognized as “The Parent Whisperer.” This was the child, for whatever reason, the parent listened to and trusted.Sometimes this child isn’t in the daily orb of the parent’s life. Plus, you’ll develop meaningful friendships with other single parents, who, like you, are tired of hectic mornings and chaotic evenings, the kids fighting, and a never-ending to-do list. This dating website should be shut down and prosecuted!Most have horror stories of watching an aging parent weave down the road, leaving dents in parking lots and mailboxes. If you are in this situation of knowing it’s time for your aging parent to stop driving but you’re getting pushback, I have advice that comes from personal experience that might help fill the gap between what you see and what they feel.This is about keeping the neighborhood children and pets safe while at the same time honoring your father or mother.How many times have you rushed to solve a problem without fully bathing it in prayer? Ask for wisdom and guidance and an ability for your parent to see what you see.James 1:5 exhorts us to ask God for wisdom and expect him to answer.

It’s the triple backflip off the high dive of relationships. Keep that at the center of all your actions, decision making, and communication as you move forward.

Perhaps a person in the neighborhood who has lost a job could be hired for a small fee. There are so many different situations and complications I haven’t addressed.

Express your own desire to be there and help because you love spending time with the parent—and remind them of all the years they gave to you. But if you keep the main guideline to show and express love to your parent and to honor them as you walk through this difficult time, you may not only keep the communication lines open, you might see the relationship grow stronger.

So if you don’t get abject acquiescence, celebrate.

Your parent has real life inside that’s struggling to the surface.

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