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When they are unable to do so after discovering that the fire marshal was also invited to the party, the clergy decide to crash it.

Butters succeeds in summoning him; Biggie is angered that he will now experience difficulties in getting to the party, and demands that Butters help him get there.

His first appearance in "The Death Camp of Tolerance" showed him getting a gerbil up his butt. Garrison (who took that whole slave thing a little bit too far), but he found true happiness with Big Gay Al and the two got married and lived happily ever after.

During the course of the series, we've learned a lot about his skillful ass, from his days as a small child when he'd pretend to be sick so that his mother would insert an anal thermometer, to the moment where his ass ate Paris Hilton alive. How do you emasculate and humiliate one of the world's most hated dictators?

Besides Irwin's family, the episode also received criticism from press personalities; John Beyer, the director of mediawatch-uk, said that it was in bad taste to create such a scene and the makers of South Park should review their decision to show it.

In a response to the controversy around the episode, Tony Fox, a spokesperson for Comedy Central, defended the episode, saying, "The South Park guys do inappropriate things all the time...their goal is to make people laugh, not to offend people." Although rumors were spread about the episode not being broadcast in Australia due to the controversy, The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) announced the episode would be broadcast on SBS, but would be delayed 12 months due to programming issues.

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