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There, the CNG can be used to power field operations on remote wells, replacing higher-cost and higher-emissions diesel fuel.The first commercial application of the Last Mile Fueling system is currently at work with Statoil at a site in North Dakota.In one year, the site reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 488.5 metric tons, water consumption by 984,000 gallons, and gas and electric usage by 530,900 k Wh, and recycled 15 tons of office waste.Through these reductions, the Atlanta campus has an annual projected cost savings of ,000. The site worked with its engineers and third-party building and property management as well as its waste and recycling company to find ways to reduce energy and water consumption.Working with on-site affinity networks and local community groups on outreach projects helped gain momentum and increased employee engagement, with 307 employees participating in these projects and a total estimated two-year savings of 1,000 since 2012.GE is committed to accelerating the commercialization of innovative ideas.In a new collaboration between Ferus Natural Gas Fuels and GE Ventures, previously flared natural gas is captured, and natural gas liquids, such as propane and butane, are removed to then be sold.The remaining methane is compressed using the CNG In A Box™ system from GE Oil & Gas and loaded onto Ferus’ specially designed compressed natural gas (CNG) storage trailers to be transported to its final point of use.

The goal of GE Ventures, Energy is to be the global partner of choice to accelerate the commercialization of world-class ideas and technologies by providing capital as well as access to GE’s expertise, resources and global scale.

In order to accelerate the process of establishing commercial partnerships with portfolio companies, GE also launched the ecomagination Accelerator, committing up to million for scaling and commercializing ideas.

Through this program, we are designing and funding commercial pilots with leading start-up companies with the objective of validating and enhancing their value propositions.

Across GE Power & Water, these efforts have further resulted in: The PGS Bhel-GE Gas Turbine Services (BGGTS) refurbishment facility is located in a remote area of Hyderabad, India, a region often challenged with wastewater disposal and limited water resources.

In this regard, GE leaders and employees at the location know that it is essential to use every tool at their disposal to address waste and wastewater issues.

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BGGTS has been accredited as a “Nil Effluent Discharge Facility” by the Confederation of Indian Industries.

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