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One thing lead to another and we started to date seriously.Fast forward a few months and we added a puppy to the mix.Well good thing the conversation moved on from what she was studying because I used up all that "wisdom" in the first five minutes.That conversation led to daily texts and our "porch wine night" where we would have a glass of box wine on her porch after I was done with work and talk until night.Thank goodness he did because that was the start of something beautiful.

I told Cassandra that there was a short hike nearby that has some good elevation change and that we would have a great view of the lake once we reached the top.It was also on the way home from Sacramento State so there were many times that I would swing in after school to work on my homework and grab a cold brew.On the day in question I happened to be working on my Biology homework which meant that I was sitting at the bar with my 400 page Biology textbook which must have been a pretty funny sight to see.Matt would get off of work, grab some boxed wine and head over.We would sit on the porch for hours talking about our interests, our wants and really started to get to know each other.

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My roommate at the time had started dating Matts roommate so I saw him a few times here and there but had never really gotten the chance to really meet him.

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