Sports psychology dating an athlete

She's spoiled, but she's also sweet, and her friends can't help but love her even though she can be pretty clueless.Caitlin's a girlie-girl to the core, and she's totally boy-crazy to boot.There's one lady who's totally got his number, though, and that's Nikki.Jonesy loves to spar with her and their love/hate relationship could turn into romance one day. Jonesy is lazy (even lazier than Wayne), smug, narcissistic, and persistent.Jen had a crush on Jonesy in the 7th grade, and she had also dreamed about the two of them kissing. However, this has changed now that the two of them are step-siblings (and the fact that he's dating Nikki). Interests: Shopping, Fashion, Magazines, Fashion Magazines. Favorite Quotations: "Good clothing can open doors." ''It's Boy/Girl 101.Because she works at a place that sell sports equipment and has an interest in sports (mainly soccer and snowboarding), Ron the "Rent-a-Cop" gave her the nickname "Gym Sock". She enjoys sports, fantasizing about attractive boys, and planning for the future, but is also prone to nosiness and has a quick temper, traits which have led her friends to regard her as a control freak. Relationship Status: I'm on the lookout for The One, guys!!! Men are the hunters, women get the presents.""I have a lot to offer: My talent with accessories, my "Best Mushy Girl Movies of All Time" DVD collection, my encyclopedic knowledge of all the different shades of pink nail polish...Unfortunately, if a cute guy even LOOKS in her direction, she's bound to do something entirely embarrassing!Caitlin is better equipped to shop at the mall than she is to work at it.

Jonesy describes him as one who "takes weird to a whole new level". Relationship Status: I'm still waiting for the perfect girl.

Rather impressionable, he is easily fooled, like when his friends scared him out of skydiving with their stories of jumps gone awry.

Jonesy also thinks that he can speak Spanish fluently, although his Spanish is poor according to Nikki and thinks that 47 is the answer to everything. Relationship Status: singin' and minglin' with the dudettes!

He's the social director of the group, but he's not the most responsible guy; in fact, he's got a knack for getting fired from EVERY job he manages to land at the mall.

Interests: Chicks, hockey, partying, football Favorite Quotations: "Basically, I rule.""I'm the top scorer on the varsity hockey team and I speak fluent Spanish, but chicks are my speciality. Personally, I think I'm just too free-spirited to tie myself down with things like jobs, or homework, or a committed relationship. "Jonesy's a popular, good-looking, confident and loyal guy.

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It's like, so unfair that I'm stuck making smoothies!!

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