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Can you or someone go into detail about how to go about this? And here’s my small collection, all probably mid-20th century.I ordered a book on planes, not sure which one, but there isn’t enough information on the #45. -- Einstein: "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant.To use the Spur, slacken the retaining screw until the Spur can be turned clockwise through 90°, so that the sharpened Knife protrudes below the Plane Sole.

When used in the usual rear position, the Cutter is ajdustable for depth of cut.I present this forum thread as a means of discussion, learning, and sharing our experiences with the #45.If you’ve got specific questions, or things that you’d like for me to try and then post, I’d like to hear it here.The Lever controls the shavings, and if wrongly positioned may cause clogging.the grain when it cuts the fibers of the wood in front of the Cutter, leaving a clean finish to the rebate.

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