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If this is the last time for today for your Tama then you have to wait until tomorrow to pick a mate for your Tama if you don't want it to mate with a Otokitchi.Memetchi and Makiko don't hate each other they're just rivals in whose hair looks nicer.The Tama-Go contains a shell similar to the Tamagotchi i D.The bottom of the toy is flat, and a top portion of the shell can be removed to insert one of the Gotchi Figures.The Tama Town Tama-Go is an international Tamagotchi release which was released in August 2010 in the US and Australia.It combines elements of the Tamagotchi Plus Color with the Tamagotchi Music Star.Hating each other would mean we might have seen moments of them doing something cruel to the other, and I didn't see that in the anime beyond the usual stuff.Memetchi isn't the type to do that type of stuff..anything Makiko does is just her acting snobby because she thinks she's better then everyone else, but she's not a cruel person when it counts.

I am a boy that is under the age of ten, I like Tamagotchis, but I am puzzled, I have a V5 on Generation 1, my Tamas are adults, but I can't use the Dating show, They turned to adults yesterday, CAN ANYONE HELP ME? before u get an adult keep them on smart training tools(the one on the left) and keep it under 30 bonding and when it turns into an adult feed it a sesame snack then wait 2 days and don't use the travel show marry it with 100 bonding to a chamamechi and u will hav a smart familyi can help with your problem!

The three original designs are: The packaging depicts the character's personality and favorite quote, and has a liftable flap which reveals a CD (Second wave only) and more information about the toy.

Catching the Tamagotchi about to use the bathroom and activating the toilet icon will help to raise a training meter (along with standard discipline and praise).

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