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We turn to see Barney sitting in Mac Laren's in a full scuba suit drinking scotch.

Lily pulls aside a woman at the bar, warning her of Barney's villainy.

I am so grateful that she encouraged me to explore online dating and helped me sort through my options, get comfortable going out on dates again, and figure out what I really needed in a husband. Forget about the fact that she’s crazy smart and cares deeply about her clients, this lady KNOWS HER STUFF. If you’re as lost and clueless and bummed out about dating as I was, don’t hesitate to connect with the expert. I’m now in an exclusive relationship with a great guy and I know how to communicate my thoughts and needs. When I started to see that I was getting good at this, the process became fun and enjoyable.

Meanwhile, Lily tries to set up Ted with a fellow teacher, Shelly.Forcing her to hire an actress who will seduce Barney and then steal the Playbook, Barney then will do The Scuba Diver, which can't be found anywhere in the book, making the gang curious about The Scuba Diver, then the gang will ask about The Scuba Diver and Barney will tell his next victim. Then the gang plus the girl will ask Barney about The Scuba Diver, Barney then will give up and then ask the girl out for coffee.After Barney and the girl leave, the gang will find a note under their desk that will explain about "The Scuba Diver".After my divorce I was worried I might never find true love again. S., Los Angeles When I first came to Damona I was terrified to get back into the dating game. For sure online dating caused much anxiety and fear for me.I was depressed and disappointed with my options until Damona showed me the way. Damona took me by the hand and led me through the process. The more I went out there and practiced dating skills, it got easier.

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