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As you can see by the graph, you need to make *at least* the median income in order to consistently date girls in the 6-7 range. One day you will black out from partying too much and make a mistake. Girls in the 6 Range: A six is simply your type but other people wouldn’t be attracted to them.

If you are extremely good looking or have extremely high status (musician, DJ etc.) you can break these rules. Nothing else will help you if you’re below the median. If you like XYZ type look and she’s “okay” it usually means she’s a 6 to you and a 5 to someone else.

This means you need to It becomes much more complicated at these levels.

If you’re doing great on all of the other items (looks, status, social skills) you only need to generate about 3x the median income.

If you’re young (college or just out of college), girls do not have high expectations. Since girls do not have high expectations when you’re 18-22 years old, do not try to use money to get girls. They are more concerned with you being a cool and attractive person. If you are making ~0K out of college as an investment banker, you’re going to have a slight edge over your competition. When you start making ~0K at age 26-28 you are now in the top ~10% in major cities and life will get significantly easier. Even if you’re still trying to date younger girls they *expect* you to have some income.

When you are young, girls care much less about how much money you make. Living at home in your parents basement is simply not going to cut it.

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Just like improvement, dating is not a linear curve. You need to be in shape, decent looking and have solid social skills.

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