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The provisions of the legislation seem somewhat hilarious now and, even some lost their significance over time.Some, however, have formed the basis for today's traffic legislation.Speed limits were reduced to 4 mph (6 km/h) in non-urban areas and at 2 mph (3 km/h) in cities (still no idea how they caught speeding vehicles "in the act").

To get from place to place, locomotives had to cross urban, populated ares and, despite the fact the were slow, noisy and impossible to miss, they posed quite a threat to the innocent bystanders. Scared by the prospects of a respectable citizen getting squashed, as well as by the prospects of hearing one of the damn things huffing and puffing in the quiet of the night, the British Parliament adopted what became know as the Locomotive on Highways Act, in 1861.FIRST LICENSE PLATESAs the number of vehicles on the roads increased, so did the authorities' need to keep track of them and their owners.The first country to use them is reportedly France, which issued one in 1893.If you have kept an eye out for our cover stories, you know by now we've written about cars, designers, brands, extra-terrestrial vehicles, cars and movies, cars and criminals, cars and police, electric cars, dead cars, future cars, beautiful cars...All fine and dandy, but there is one little aspect we haven't talked about until now.

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Automated traffic lights surfaced in 1922, in Houston.

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