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Authors who have published a huge number of stories on the Nifty Archive.

I spoke with Papa about it, and it looks like we'll be changing the upcoming Superconferences to THREE days instead of TWO.

If a guy isn't going to go out and IMPLEMENT what's ALREADY been taught, there will be no "false sense of accomplishment" by showing up at one of our more advanced programs.

That one free audio is more than enough to get you started, so if you're a keyboard jockey then decide RIGHT NOW to pull the theory-needle out of your arm and get out there. It's only once you do that you'll be primed for the higher level mindstates that we're talking about here.

It was basically a month of non-stop work until those fateful 8 hours when this thing was shot, and Jeffy 100% NAILED it.

Our editors were actually so shocked by the rawness of the products that they refused to edit them, which slowed down the release. I can't water things down for the general population because then my work wouldn't be relevant after I'm gone. I'm all about putting the kind of energy behind a project that DEFINES pop culture. Like, "Damn, that guy REALLY friggin failed....." Am I kidding? Another factor in all this is that there's very minimal cross-over or repetition from previous products, and anyone who doesn't go out regularly will have NO CLUE what's being spoken about.

I tend to enjoy confusing the heck out of seminar-junkies because I've already covered all the basics in the old free 2 hour audio on the homepage.

Bear in mind, chodes will not enjoy these products because there is no magic-pill type stuff going on.

They are raw, authentic, and delivered by guys who really live this lifestyle, not "dating coaches".

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